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Early Intervention

“Effective early instruction is like building fences at the top of the cliff, rather than parking ambulances at the bottom” (Pamela Snow).

Early Intervention is critical. The earlier we intervene the better, but it's never too late! 

Barin science tells us that that the brain can be rewired to be nearly neo-typical if we intervene early with powerful, systematic instruction.

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 Wired for Reading is a curriculum that is comprehensive, systematic, explicit, intensive, and multi-sensory. These are the core ingredients to enable children to learn to read. Moreover, Wired for Reading is fun and engaging. Through stories, songs, games and more students unlock the mystery that is written language. As one of my students so eloquently put it, "before I started tutoring it was like a monster was at the door keeping me from reading. Now, the monster is gone."

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