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Does My Child Need Tutoring?

How do you know if your child needs tutoring? Is your child just a late bloomer? These were the questions I was asking myself before my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at the end of third grade. It was this experience that inspired me to become a tutor and help other children like her. If you have these same questions about your own child here are some things to look for.

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By age 5...

By age 5 most children can:

  • rhyme

  • count syllables

  • segment words (know that the word "bead" has 3 sounds).

  • hold a pencil correctly

  • recognize letters and numbers

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Kids Reading Outdoor
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In Early Elementary (grades 1-4)....

Children with dyslexia may:

  • mix up sounds when reading and spelling

  • have trouble learning math facts

  • misread or leave out grammar words (of, from, she, this)

  • spell all or most words phonetically

  • reverse letters and/or words when writing (past mid- 2nd grade)

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